When you end up on this platform and you need our help immediately, 

please call 24/7/365 : +31 6 287 868 12

This Emergency Response Platform was founded in 2021 by Lionel de Jong from the Netherlands.

Incidents with consequences for the environment, for example because hazardous (waste) substances are involved, are often difficult to solve and require a unique type of expertises.

Preventing and resolving (major) calamities / incidents with environmental consequences requires special knowledge and experience. Handsonn Environmental has specialized in the efficient prevention and resolution of these types of incidents over the past 25 years.

The employees who operate from out of Handsonn Environmental have this knowledge and experience.

What knowledge do our experienced employees have:


  • Specialist Environmental Experts
  • Higher Safety Experts
  • Specialists on Hazardous Substances
  • Safety Advisor for the Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Skilled Hazardous / Chemical Waste
  • Firefighting Specialists
  • Gas Geometrists and Gas Doctors
  • Laboratories with different types of analysts
  • Collection and processing of hazardous / chemical waste

What kind of experience do our employees have:


  • Carrying out gas measurements by gas analysts or by a gas doctor in various environments (land, rail, water, industry)
  • Setting up a measurement environment in which we place air measurement monitors in various places and can read them digitally on location or remotely
  • Solving leaks with oily and chemicals in various environments and processes
  • Measuring mercury vapor and cleaning up mercury leaks at companies and private individuals (at the home of the citizen)
  • Carrying out gas-related activities (eg Ammonia, Chlorine, Bromides, Oxygen, Acetylene, etc.)
  • Recovery of damaged pressure containers
  • Providing Rescue Teams where people or employees can be rescued from dire situations
  • Carrying out (after) extinguishing work in case of large fires
  • The specialist cleaning of objects, installations, processes or environment
  • All kinds of activities with Dangerous Cargo or Chemical waste (repack, proces, sort, pump, remove, etc.)

When you end up on this platform and you need our help immediately, please call 24/7/365 with: +31 6 287 868 12

Handsonn Environmental provides worldwide knowledge to prevent incidents with consequences for the environment.

You can read below what you can do with this knowledge:

  • Performing zero analyzes to assess which direct risks are present in your environment / process
  • Assess whether direct risks can be eliminated or made manageable
  • Establishing practical emergency procedures to be applied in the event of incidents
  • Knowledge immediately available to assist remotely (for example by telephone or video) with incident handling

In addition, Handsonn Environmental provides 24/7/365 Emergency Response Teams to deploy in emergencies / incidents. After an order has been issued, we organize direct transport (vehicle, plane, helicopter, vessel) to move to the incident.

You can read below what this Emergency Response Team can do.


  • Inventory of the incident to determine priority of action
  • Advising the coordinating employees on site
  • Organizing incident handling with local parties or own resources
  • Organize and carry out activities involving hazardous substances
  • Organizing the collection and processing of (hazardous / chemical) waste

Handsonn Environmental works daily on the realization of (new) networks. Our focus is to have a worldwide network of specialists active and to be able to speak of an Emergency Response Platform. All the specialists are connected via digital channels to be able to switch quickly in the event of incidents in order to get the right specialisms on site.

When you end up on this platform and you need our help immediately, 

please call 24/7/365 : +31 6 287 868 12